In using Microsoft Office 2013 it is necessary to lớn activate so that all tools can be used properly.

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If you have sầu not activated the Microsoft Office 2013 that you are using, then one example of a case that often occurs is that you cannot edit a previously saved document.

Not only that, the notification to lớn immediately activate the Microsoft Office 2013 used will continue khổng lồ appear và be annoying.

The Office 2013 activation process will take place and please wait for it to finish. If it is finished, the mô tả tìm kiếm of Product activation successful will appear.

Up lớn this stage, you have sầu successfully activated Microsoft Office 2013 using KMS Office 2019.

After you activate using one of the methods above sầu, then you can use Office 2013 comfortably & without any problems.

The last thing you need lớn bởi vì is reactivate the Antivirus that was previously turned off.

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4. How to lớn Activate Microsoft Office 2013 with Skype

One application that you can use as a way of activating Microsoft Office 2013 offline is the Skype application.

Well, you can practice this Office 2013 activation method if you don’t have an activator lượt thích KMS Auto-Lite.

Here is how to lớn activate Ms. Office 2013 with Skype:

First, turn off the internet connection firstEnter Key Microsoft Office 2013Clichồng Enter a Product Key InsteadEnter a valid Product Key. If so, clichồng InstallNext, the activation wizard will appear.Select I want lớn activate the software by telephoneCliông xã on NextNow, you have got the Installation IDSelect country United Kingdom (UK)Connect your PC và use the Skype application to Hotline the Toll-Free United Kingdom number, which is +448000188354.If the phone is already connected, you just have to follow the instructions given.You will be asked to lớn answer several security questions.For questions Product key for trang chính or business? Select trang chính, press hashtag (#), và enter Installation ID.After getting the Confirmation ID, enter the ID in the field provided. Clichồng next.Finished! How to activate Office 2013 with the Skype application is complete.


Those are 4 ways you can vì to lớn activate Microsoft Office 2013 offline. These methods are perfect for those of you who want khổng lồ use Office 2013 but don’t have sầu a product key.

You can use these methods lớn activate Office 2013 on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, và Windows 10.

For additional information, you can also use the above sầu methods khổng lồ activate Office năm 2016 và also activate Office 2019.

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