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a game by Irrational Games
Platforms: XBox 360, XBox One, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Bioshochồng Infinite is the third entry in the BioShoông chồng franchise, propelling players from the depths of the ocean lớn the heights of the skies. Fans of the franchise will undoubtedly recognize some similarities between this game & its predecessors; hard-hitting gunplay, cool supernatural abilities, and a gripping story. However, Bioshoông chồng Infinite abandons the previous setting of Rapture, a thành phố at the bottom of the sea, for Columbia, a floating đô thị that promises a perfect life. Armed with an arsenal of weapons và powers, players will uncover the secrets that Columbia holds while blazing through enemies with style. Fans of first-person shooters should look no further, as Bioshoông xã Infinite is an absolute must-play experience.

Main Game Features:

Lengthy single-player campaignUnlockable difficulty modeDozens of unique abilities, upgrades, & items


In Bioshoông xã Infinite, you play as Booker DeWitt, a man sent lớn the floating đô thị of Columbia to rescue an imprisoned girl named Elizabeth. After arriving in the thành phố và encountering the girl, Booker quickly learns that Columbia is far more corrupt & evil than its angelic appearance makes it seem. Amid a violent civil war between the impoverished và the upper-class, Booker must ensure Elizabeth"s safety và expose the truth behind Columbia"s dark secrets. Along the way, he"ll discover answers lớn mysteries beyond his comprehension, that will challenge his perspective sầu on the very fabric of life itself.

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Like previous games in the Bioshoông xã series, Bioshoông chồng Infinite combines classic first-person shooter action with cool abilities, upgrades, và an engrossing narrative sầu. Columbia is full of baddies that want you dead, but you"ll easily repel them with both firearms & supernatural powers. You can blast through enemies with weapons lượt thích the carbine, shotgun, và hand-cannon.Booker can also utilize special powers known as Vigors, giving hyên the ability lớn possess enemies, throw fireballs, và much more. Navigating Columbia"s many floating isl& districts is also made easy thanks to the Sky-Hook, a bladed grhãng apple device that gives access khổng lồ zip lines & doubles as a melee weapon.

As you loot the environment & slain enemies, you"ll gain coins that can be spent at various vending machines found throughout Columbia. While common machines let you purchase things lượt thích ammo & medicine, rarer machines unlochồng upgrades for your guns and Vigors. It"s almost impossible to lớn fully upgrade everything in one playthrough, so you"ll have sầu khổng lồ khung a strategy and focus on your favorite powers. Unique pieces of clothing can also be collected and equipped, providing passive bonuses lượt thích increased speed, extra ammo, and modified attacks.



Despite the complete shift in setting, Bioshock Infinite continues the expected excellence that the franchise has become known for. The story is incredibly memorable and full of twists và turns, which will have sầu you reflecting on the game for hours on end. Exploring the thành phố of Columbia and its many steampunk influenced districts provides a fun adventure with a surprising amount of combat variety. Whether you"re a newcomer lớn the Bioshochồng series or a seasoned người hoping for a fantastic sequel, Bioshoông chồng Infinite delivers.


Memorable characters and plotFun combat with quality powersCollectibles và side-quests provide replayability


Lacks additional gameplay modesNarrative sầu can be exceptionally confusing

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