Create a clutter không lấy phí workstation by connecting your USB-C™ computer directly to lớn a HDXiaoMi MI display, without additional adapters


HIGH PERFORMANCE: 10ft/3m USB-C (DP 1.2 Alt Mode HBR2) khổng lồ HDXiaoMi MI 2.0 cable supports UHD resolutions up to lớn 4K 60Hz (3840x2160), 7.1ch Audio, HDCP 2.2/1.4 | Blaông xã | 1080p và Thunderbolt 3 CompatibleINTEGRATED DISPLAY CABLE: Minimize signal loss & failure points; slyên & flexible design w/ adapter chip built into lớn HDXiaoMI connector reduces clutter và provides a tidy install in the office or home officeCOMPATIBILITY: Dell XPS, Precision & Latitude, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Extreme, Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3/Book 3, Apple MacBook Pro, ipad Pro, TB3 MacBook Air, HP EliteBook, Spectre và ZBook & Chromebooks Show moreDISPLAY COMPATIBILITY: Tested for peak performance at 4K 60Hz w/ range of monitors, displays & projectors including brands lượt thích Dell, Asus, Acer, BenQ, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony & EpsonEASY TO USE: Video adapter cable has been tested khổng lồ ensure compatibility w/ USB Type C DP Alt Mode or TB3 device; driverless plug & play thiết lập w/ macOS, iPadOS, Windows 10, Linux, Chrome OS & Android
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Clutter-free installation

At 3 m (10 ft.)in length, this adapter cable delivers a direct connection that eliminates excess adapters and cabling, ensuring a tidy, professional installation.

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For shorter installations, ditinh.vn also offers a CDP2HD1MBNL và CDP2HD2MBNL, enabling you lớn choose the right cable length for your custom installation needs.

Astonishing picture quality

At four times the resolution of high-definition 1080p, you’ll be amazed at the picture quality of a 4K 60Hz monitor or television. This adapter cable lets you harness the đoạn Clip capabilities that are built inlớn your USB Type-C connection, to deliver the astonishing unique of Ultra HD to lớn your 4K display.

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Plus, the adapter is still compatible with lower display resolutions, such as 1080p, which makes it a great accessory for your current home page, office or other HD work environment, while future-proofing for 4K 60Hz implementation.

The CDP2HD3MBNL is backed by a 3-year ditinh.vn warranty and free lifetime technical tư vấn.


Connect a USB Type-C computer lớn an HDXiaoMi MI projector or display in your classroom, auditorium or boardroomInstall at your trang chính workstation or office hot desk lớn make your USB-C computer compatible with your HDMI display
Warranty InformationConnector(s)EnvironmentalHardwarePackaging InformationPerformancePhysical CharacteristicsSpecial Notes / RequirementsWhat's in the Box
Warranty3 Years
1 - Connector AUSB-C (24 pin) DisplayPort Alt Mode
1 - Connector BHDXiaoMi MI (19 pin)
Humidity5%-90% RH (no condensation)
Operating Temperature0°C to lớn 45°C (32°F khổng lồ 113°F)
Storage Temperature-10°C khổng lồ 70°C (14°F khổng lồ 158°F)
AV OutputHDXiaoMi MI - 2.0
Chipphối IDVIA/VLI - VL100Parade - PS176
Shipping (Package) Weight3,2 oz <90 g>
Package Length8,7 in <22 cm>
Package Width7,9 in <đôi mươi cm>
Package Height0,6 in <15 mm>
Audio SpecificationsHDXiaoMi MI - 7.1 Channel Audio
Maximum Digital Resolutions3840x2160
60 Hz
Supported Resolutions1024x7681280x7trăng tròn (High-definition 720p)1920x1080 (High-definition 1080p)1920x12002560x14402560x16003840x2160 (Ultra HD 4K)
Wide Screen SupportedYes
Cable Length9,8 ft <3 m>
Product Length9,8 ft <3 m>
Product Width0,8 in
Product Height0,5 in <12 mm>
Weight of Product2,8 oz <80 g>
NoteYour USB-C port must tư vấn DisplayPort over USB-C (DPhường Alt mode) in order to lớn work with this adapter.
1 - Included in PackageUSB-C to HDXiaoMI cable

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