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Wireless AC 1200 Dual Bvà Router


The DIR-822 AC1200 Wi-Fi Router is a powerful wireless networking solution designed for Small Office/trang chủ Office (SOHO) environments. By combining high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi specification with dual-b& technology & Fast Ethernet ports, the DIR-822 provides a seamless networking experience with a high degree of convenience & flexibility for SOHOs. The DIR-822’s SOHO-class advanced security features keep data safe from unwanted network intruders. This together with the increased range & reliability of Wireless AC technology, helps provide a safe và secure network for devices farther into your home page or office.

The DIR-822 AC1200 Wi-Fi Router features dual-band wireless, allowing you lớn operate two concurrent, high-speed Wi-Fi bands for ultimate wireless performance. Surf the web or make important Internet phone calls on the 2.4 GHz band, while simultaneously streaming digital media on the 5 GHz b&. What’s more, each b& can operate as a separate Wi-Fi network, giving you the ability khổng lồ customize your network according khổng lồ your connectivity needs. You can even configure a guest zone khổng lồ give visitors Internet access without compromising the safety of your SOHO network.


Device Interfaces

• IEEE 802.11 ac/n/g/b/a wireless LAN• 10/100 Fast Ethernet WAN port• Four 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN ports


• IEEE 802.11ac• IEEE 802.11n• IEEE 802.11g• IEEE 802.11b• IEEE 802.11a• IEEE 802.3u

Minimum Requirements

• Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP3, or MAC OS X 10.6 or higher• Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 20.0, Chrome 25.0, Safari 5.1, or other Java-enabled browser• Network interface card• Cable or DSL Modem• Subscription with an Internet service provider

Advanced Features

• Web cài đặt wizard• QoS (Quality of Service)• DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)• Firewall - Network Address Translation (NAT)• Guest zone• IPv6 ready

No Description Title Type File Size
1 Firmware DIR-822 HW C1 FW v3.02_WW zip 6.58 MB
2 User Manual Manual - DIR-822 H/W Ver. B1_WW pdf 8.21 MB
3 Firmware DIR-822 HW A1 FW v1.03_WW bin 5.19 MB
4 Datasheet Datasheet - DIR-822 pdf 0 MB
5 Firmware DIR-822 HW C1 FW v3.10 zip 6.87 MB
6 Firmware DIR-822 HW B1 FW v2.03_WW bin 6.4 MB
7 Datasheet for Egypt pdf 2.42 MB

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