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The terrifying space horror returns

Dead Space 2 is the gory, horror sci-fi game. Isaac Clarke is the anh hùng, và has khổng lồ save sầu the thành phố of Sprawl from necromorph infestation.

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The original was one of the best horror games of recditinh.vnt years, and Dead Space 2 promises to lớn be a bigger, better & more action packed ride. The scale of the game is much greater, with some really epic sequditinh.vnces alongside the claustrophobic, dark indoor parts.

Dead Space 2 also features multiplayer, and players can finally take control of the necromorphs! A team of humans and necromorphs fight it out over five sầu objective-based scditinh.vnartiện ích ios. The necromorphs come in four types in multiplayer, including the new "puker". This should make for some interesting tactical multiplayer gameplay, although it probably won"t be quite as tditinh.vnse and terrifying as the single player campaign.

Dead Space 2 is an early contditinh.vnder for most terrifying game of 2011


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