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Killing Floor 2 is a shooting video clip game based on the perspective of the first person. The developer & publisher of this game are Tripwire Interactive which was then backed by Saber Interactive. It is a follow-up lớn the killing floor, which was released bachồng in the year 2009. There was a version that was made accessible early và was launched for Microsoft Windows in April năm ngoái, và the game was also released in November năm nhâm thìn for platforms including PlayStation 4 and Windows và for Xbox One in August 2017. Unreal Engine 3 of the Epic Games has been utilized by the game. 

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What is the game about? 

Killing Floor 2 is a shooter video clip game based on a first-person perspective sầu. You can either play it all alone or jointly with a maximum of 6 players. The game is related to events from the Killing Floor in which there is a biotech firm called Horzine which made attempts to lớn develop the military clones when it got hijacked by a researcher who worked for unleashing the clones all over the UK. The clones now have sầu spread rapidly all over Europe, which has led to lớn paralyzing the opinion of the European Union. 

In the Killing Floor 2 game, you can just take a month once the first game finishes, the outbreak can spread khổng lồ higher regions of Europe which have sầu caused a collapse in the government và a failure in all communication systems. The gameplay of this game comprises of the players who keep fighting throughout the waves of what appears like a zombie, called zeds. 

With the passing by of the wave, the number of the enemy will gradually increase, various types of enemies get introduced in the game when the players start completing every wave sầu. The players can be equipping themselves with melee firearms và weapons along with a syringe used for healing as well as a welder used for blocking passages. There are so many random weapons và armours which you can find by discovering the màn chơi, although the players only have sầu a restricted amount of weight to be carried. 


When zed is finally killed by the players, they can earn money in the game along with points of experience. Achievement of some specific skills lượt thích headshot might be responsible for the game in entering the zed time, when the actions of all the game for different players get slowed down just for some seconds, offering more time to lớn the players in adjusting their battle và decisions. 

When spawning, there is a chase & attachồng game in between the Zed và the players. In case of damage, the players can also restore their health with the help of a medical syringe on themselves even if they have sầu a team thành viên which uses them, amongst all other items which can be regenerated. When the health of a player is at zero, they can just die & there will be no respawning till the wave sầu is ending in the game. 

The mission will be a failure if all the players can die and there will no respawn till the completion of a wave. The players get a lot of benefits & bonuses in the survival of every round which can be used for buying or selling the ammo, weapons, & armour also called the Trader. However, the trader only remains open for a restricted time in between the waves & in some locations across the map. The count of waves that are present in a match can be discovered and there are four difficulty levels in total. 

Main features of the game: 

Although this is a very popular game series, some people haven’t yet played any title in the series. And after reading about the gameplay & every other detail, you must be willing to lớn try your hands on this game. 

Before you finally give it a try, you need to know its features which are mentioned below as follows: 


Brutal melee battle 

This game shows a reinvention of the melee battle. The players now get control of the type of attacks performed, which enable them khổng lồ deliver the bone-breaking attack khổng lồ the Zeds. 

So, if you haven’t played this game yet, you must get your hands on it real soon. All you need lớn bởi is tải về the game and complete its installation process to start playing it. You can play this game on every gaming platsize. It is indeed an exciting game that has a lot to lớn offer other than the features that have sầu been discussed above. 

Killing Floor 2 PC trò chơi Download

NameInitial Release DatePlatformsDeveloperEngineMode(s)Composer(s)
Killing Floor 2
18 November 2016
PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Tripwire Interactive
Unreal Engine 3
Single-player, multiplayer

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