No matter what, many of us are always on the lookout for the next selection of best Dragon Ball PC games to lớn get into lớn. There"s something special about this IP that makes it a particularly interesting one khổng lồ return lớn. Okay, okay - we may be nostalgic about DBZ across the board. That doesn"t mean the games we"ve sầu got on offer aren"t awesome, though!

Having featured them before in a few non-specific articles, we felt it was time that our best Dragon Ball PC games got a feature of their own! Down below, you"ll find three of the greatest DBZ PC titles ever made. If you"re a fan of the franchise, you"re definitely going to be interested in what you"re about to lớn see!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Games


For those looking for something all-new và exciting lớn vì chưng in the Dragon Ball IP, Xenoverse games are a good bet. Create your own custom character & travel through space-time to resolve sầu various issues! That"s the basic pitch, but the real giảm giá is that Xenoverse is an incredible experience offering dozens of hours of trademark DBZ combat.

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You"ll duke it out with characters from every corner of the franchise. A range of opponents that includes both basic mooks khổng lồ beat up and series" trademark baddies. Hint: they don"t go down very easily! When you boil it down to its core premise, Xenoverse lets you be a time-cop in the Dragon Ball universe. If you told us two decades ago that this is what we"d eventually be playing, our collective sầu minds would"ve been blown!

Xenoverse games are cool like that, and they just lead you from one awesome moment to lớn another. At one point you"ll be taking down Frieza himself, and in the other, you"ll be rising through the ranks of his army. Time is, after all, wibbly-wobbly in Xenoverse. Good stuff!

Dragon Ball Fighter Z + DLC


For a mighty change of pace, let us present you with one of the best fighting games of this generation: Fighter Z! A technical and technological master-piece, Dragon Ball Fighter Z presents you with a roster of characters you always wanted to pit against one another. Take them inkhổng lồ active combat và then be flabbergasted with how awesome everything looks. We"re not joking when we say that Fighter Z is one of the prettiest Dragon Ball games ever made. It even looks hand-drawn at any given moment! Disable the HUD and you"ll oftentimes have to remind yourself that you"re not, in fact, watching the anime!

Fighter Z isn"t just a pretty face, though, fret not. The game goes toe-to-toe with genre competition easily, and even beats them out in more ways than one. This all combines lớn make for a game that"s an easy recommendation to fans of the franchise, but also lớn those who might not show any interest in other genres.

It"s just that good, we promise.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Similar in some ways khổng lồ its Xenoverse predecessor, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a beast of its own. This is a game for those who aren"t necessarily interested in playing all-new stories in the DBZ universe. Instead, it presents us with a retelling of the original Dragon Ball story. Here you"ll have sầu the chance to play all the crucial moments from the original Goku story arc. We"re talking Saiyan invasion, the Frieza fight on Namek, Androids, Majin Buu"s arc, và Cell, too. Not including all the side-stuff, which there"s loads of.

Perhaps most importantly, Kakarot is a true open-world sandbox. Sure, you can play story missions and run off on side-quests, but you can also rampage across the countryside, beat up dinosaurs, go fishing, và all the other good stuff, too. Kakarot is an extremely flavorful game; we"re huge fans of it.

What other game lets you explore the Dragon Ball universe lượt thích Kakarot does? We think its competition in this regard is rather lacking, all things considered.

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