Strategy games trang điểm one of the richest & most diverse genres of PC games on the planet, which makes compiling a menu of the best strategy games you can play today a pretty tall order. Our danh mục contains games from as recently as 12 months ago alongside classics from as far baông chồng as 28 years ago. They"re all strategy games we think you could play & love sầu right now, so why not have sầu a look & see what we recommend?

We"ve gone pretty broad with our definition of strategy games for this menu. Below you"ll find real-time và turn-based strategy games in there, và everything from small scale robot skirmishes to lớn epic historical warfare. We have however mainly focused on games about commanding troops of one kind or another, while splitting our picks of the best management games off into lớn its own menu. A handful of the games you"ll see here will involve a bit of building, but there"s no football management or spaghetti junctions. With that in mind, let"s jump straight inlớn our menu of the 50 best strategy games you can play today.

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Best strategy games

Below, you"ll find our 50 picks for the best strategy games on PC. Fair warning - they are our picks. You might feel we"ve sầu forgotten something, so write your own enthusiastic recommendations in the comments below. That way, everytoàn thân can learn about more, wonderful strategy games.

50. Humankind

Where can I buy it: Steam, Epic Games Store

What else should I be playing: Civilization is the closest like for like to lớn Humankind, but Amplitude"s Endless Legend games are also worth considering, and can be found elsewhere on this menu.

As soon as Amplitude announced their big historical 4X game, it was inevitable that comparisons would be drawn khổng lồ the Civilization series. But Humankind is so much more than just a riff on Sid Meier"s classic strategy franchise. Yes, there are several different technological ages to lớn play through, but the most tantalising aspect of Humankind is how you can graft different cultures together khổng lồ accumulate all manner of different perks and effects. Onscreen, that can mean having Japanese pagodas nestling right up to lớn Mayan pyramids & Italian opera houses. In all, there are one million potential civilisation builds in Humankind, và it is absolutely thrilling.

At times, it"s almost more puzzle game than 4X, giving it a distinctly different flavour to Civilization. With so many different combinations to sift through and take into lớn account, it can be a little overwhelming in early playthroughs, but the way you can redefine your entire game plan on the fly, pivoting money-making dynamos inkhổng lồ diplomatic powerhouses and retìm kiếm giants is also Humankind"s greakiểm tra masterstroke. If you"re tired of Civ, this is a very worthy heavyweight alternative sầu.

49. Company Of Heroes

Where can I buy it: Steam, Humble

What else should I be playing: Endless Legkết thúc spices up the 4X genre with radically varied factions, & Age Of Wonders: Planetfall melds Civ-scale strategy with turn-based tactics.

It"s easy khổng lồ dismiss the value of incremental improvements. We"re drawn to the flashy & the new, khổng lồ innovations that light the touchpaper of change. Civilisation VI isn"t a huge leap forward for the series, but a step or two still make it the best one yet. The old draw is still there. You get to lớn take a nation from conception to robot-aided world domination. Win the space race, infect the world with (your) culture. Pressgang the UN. Get nuked by Gandhi. It"s a marriage of scope & personality that surpasses most game"s attempts at either.

Civ VI funnels that gr& strategy through smaller milestones. You might reach a new continent to boost research tốc độ for a key technology, or focus on winning round a city-state with a few well placed envoys. City-planning matters more, thanks khổng lồ specialised districts with adjacency bonuses. It"s pleasingly grounding - a way of chipping away at that layer of abstraction while adding another welcome layer of strategy. It refines ideas the series has been playing around with for decades. No one change is revolutionary, và nor is their cumulative sầu impact. They still make it the best Civ by far, & Civ games are fantastic.

6. Stellaris

Where can I buy it: Steam, GOG, Humble

What else should I be playing: Galactic Civilizations III and Endless Space 2 have their own, very different takes on sci-fi 4X, or if you"re more into lớn the imperial roleplaying-at-scale side of things, there"s Stellaris" historical stablemate Crusader Kings III.

Paradox"s first foray into lớn galactic-scale 4X had a bit of a rocky start in life, but a slew of big updates và even bigger DLC expansions has seen Stellaris continue lớn evolve inlớn something far more impressive, and most importantly more varied, than it once was.

Paradox often sticks with its games for the long-haul, as we"ve also seen with the likes of Crusader Kings II & Cities: Skylines, but so far it"s Stellaris that has benefited most from this approach. Whole systems have been ripped out & replaced in the name of slicker và smarter galactic empire-building. Its tussle of space civilizations is now vast và strange, all ren wars and synth rebellions alongside the more expected likes of imperialistic aliens, & it"s a whole lot better mix up for pacifistic play than it once was too. This empire has very much struck baông xã.

5. Sid Meier"s Altrộn Centauri

Where can I buy it: Steam

What else should I be playing: Crusader Kings 2 obviously, which is a similar game with less refinement but a much larger scope due lớn years of expansions. Beyond that, the closest game in terms of character-based strategy is probably King of Dragon Pass, or its successor Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind.

The Crusader Kings games are strategy/RPG hybrids. While you"ll spover time commanding troops và conquering territory, you"ll also fret about the day to day life of the ruler you"re controlling. You"ll worry about the rival ambitions of your vassals, wonder whether your scornful wife is mad about the dirty dishes or outright plotting to kill you, and dread the charmless idiot your daughter just married. The stakes of these family dramas are every bit as important as your southern front, because when your ruler does eventually collapse in the throne room, you"ll assume control of their heir, & have khổng lồ live sầu on with all the consequences of your previous actions.

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It"s a grvà strategy game whose systems create real stories, because they"re about people rather than about flanking manoeuvres. What"s more, its refined interface makes it a much more enjoyable game to lớn play than its predecessor. If you"ve sầu not played a Crusader Kings game before then CK3 is where you should start. It"s by no means a simple game, but the tutorial, tooltips và new layout will help you enormously. If you have played a Crusader Kings game before, then you probably don"t need us lớn tell you what"s great about the series or which game you should play. If you"re a seasoned Crusader Kings 2 player with a dozen expansions installed, then yes, you may be better served by remaining with the older game for a year or two more. But when the time does come for you khổng lồ move sầu on, Crusader Kings 3 is a worthy heir.

3. XCOM 2

Where can I buy it: Steam, GOG, Humble

What else should I be playing: Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is effectively XCOM 2 with ducks & warthogs. Alternatively, (& it"s a bit of a curveball) Irrational"s old Freedom Force tactical RPGs vì the whole superhero squad thing, too, and with their tongue lodged far further inkhổng lồ their cheeks than War Of The Chosen.

XCOM 2, together with its equally excellent expansion War Of The Chosen, is one of the finest strategy games of all time - and it"s made all the more remarkable by how different it becomes when step up khổng lồ that aforementioned expansion. War Of The Chosen is the superheroic cheese to XCOM 2"s guerilla tactics chalk. Where XCOM takes a country walk away from the expansive sầu tactical complexity of the original 90s X-COM, War Of The Chosen sprints full-pelt into another continent.

Your best soldiers will not be merely skilled in the use of weapons - they will become The Avengers, capable of the most absurd feats of sci-fi heroism. Better still, the base/strategy layer breaks the choke-hold of both XCOM và XCOM 2"s single golden path of upgrades, allowing multiple different ways of staving off a slow death by resource drain.

It is, admittedly, very, very silly, and attempts to maintain about nine different tones at once. That harlequin nature is at least part of the charm.

2. FTL: Faster Than Light

Where can I buy it: Steam, GOG, Humble

What else should I be playing: Star Traders: Frontiers is a similar space captaining anecdote generator, albeit with a lot more complexity & in the form of an RPG. Alternatively, try Subset"s follow-up Into The Breach, for a similarly tight strategy roguelượt thích with a mephụ thân theme.

Umpteen games offer the fantasy of being a roguish spaceship pilot, but a childhood spent watching Star Trek might leave sầu you with different life goals. A fantasy in which there are enemies on the view screen, fires in the engine room, and your survival is reliant on a mysterious alien passenger you picked up at the last planet you visited. FTL revels in creating science fiction scenarquả táo lượt thích this.

It"s a roguelượt thích in which you control small spaceships and their crew from a top-down perspective. You"re flying at lighttốc độ across the galaxy lớn evade an approaching deadly force, and must make decisions about where lớn visit, how long khổng lồ linger in each sector, và what items khổng lồ trade. You"ll be attacked by slavers in an area where solar flares periodically damage your ship. You"re hoping you can rescue one of those slaves & gain a new crew member, but there"s also the very real risk you"ll get blown up and lose all your progress. Two minutes later, the slavers are destroyed, but your engines were damaged in the fight. You"ve sầu vented the oxyren from the engine room khổng lồ snuff out the flames, but you can"t fly away until they"re repaired và the next solar flare hits in another 60 seconds. Now decide: which of your crew are you going to sacrifice by sending them inkhổng lồ the vacuum lớn repair the engines?

FTL generates these dramatic moments with ease, while being easy lớn piông xã up, running on anything, and with variety enough to keep you entertained for years. A true masterpiece.

1. Into The Breach


Where can I buy it: Steam, GOG, Humble

What else should I be playing: BattleTech offers a far more decompressed and stats-based take on mech combat, if Inlớn The Breach is all too minimal for you.

In a perfect world, something will come along & handily leapfrog this turn-based mechs vs giganto-beasts follow-up to lớn FTL, but in terms of what strategy game we would go out và tell almost anyone to go out and play right now? There is no other answer. Into lớn The Breach throws out every millilitre of superfluous strategy bathwater without losing even a single bit of baby in the process. It asks you khổng lồ focus only on the most immediate problem to hand: your guys are there, the acid-spitting enemy is there, a skyscraper full of helpless civilians is there: what are you gonmãng cầu vị, hotshot?

Every. Single. kích hoạt counts in Inkhổng lồ The Breach. Failing lớn do something useful with one of your three units almost always spells doom. The adjective lớn beat for Inkhổng lồ The Breach is "elegant", but maybe that makes it sound cold và distant. Only the opposite is true: it rings high drama out of every movement, và it does so while having the confidence to lớn leave your imagination to lớn fill in the gaps left by its 2D, minimally-animated presentation. To show anything else would take time, và taking time would only make it baggy, and it is precisely because Inlớn The Breach is not baggy in the slighthử nghiệm that it feels lượt thích such a (currently) final word on how to lớn make a turn-based strategy game.

An instant-classic masterpiece that doesn"t even remotely try lớn tell us it"s a masterpiece. It just gets on with the job.

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