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This MOBO is fine, does everything it needs to and even has a little lighting effect which is alright, it’s RGB software is dated as hell though, và the Wifi/Bluetooth could definitely be better, even with the extension. But it’s still great imo

LOVE IT. I initially wanted lớn be safe & go with B550 chipmix but this B450 board is beautiful, has wifi, has nice IO, i fell in love with it immediately. Just ask your vendor to lớn help you update the bquả táo and you should be fine. You"ll need another zen3 CPU lớn update the btiện ích ios I think (don"t quote me there). Also it"s wayyy cheaper than a B550 in my country

In term of RGB, everything else is fine, but the strip on lower left is ****. the colors aren"t accurate at all. I turned it off by default. RGB Fusion software from Gigabyte is ****. I don"t know why they even bother build that software. but I need it khổng lồ light up my RAM anyway

Pretty decent array of features for a B450 board. I like the visual style of it, & appreciate the built-in WIFI.

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This board has worked well for me overall, however I have sầu a few complaints. First of all, the BIOS is very clunky và hard lớn navigate, và the RGB control is not so great. I phối the RGB on my pc khổng lồ blue AND green for the actual pc, however whenever I start the computer it just defaults to only green. Also, there are no USB-C ports on this motherboard, so I cannot use those ports on the front IO. (I wouldn"t really use them anyway but this is still super annoying.) However, it does have sầu WIFI 5, WIFI 6 would be better but WIFI 5 is still a nice ability. It has a wide range of RAM support though, và looks quite nice. (3.5/5 stars)

Best looking b450 board out there. Fan headers are in annoying spots, gigabyte fusion is horrible, và so are the BIOS though. For more advanced builders, this mobo is fine, but for beginners, this is not a good choice. Colors on the RGB are very inaccurate too, White is yellow, red is orange & so on.

it came 3000 series ready and works perfectly out of the box no firmware updates needed for the ryzen 7 3700x

Everything I need in a motherboard, with the nice addition of RGB, Wifi + Công nghệ Bluetooth, & an integrated IO shield. Not very good for overclocking from what I heard, however it runs my processor perfectly fine at 4.0GHz around 45 degrees. BIOS is easy lớn navigate. Solid mobo lớn get if you"re a novice PC builder & looking for a decent upgrade path in the future

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