The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 VPS features two processors and is part of HPE"s new 10th generation line of servers offering greater performance along with hardware-based security features to deliver the world"s most secure industry-standard servers. The DL380 platform is the data center standard for multi-workload compute applications.

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Along with an updated look & a new bezel kiến thiết, the HPE DL380 Gen10 server features Intel"s new Scalable processors to deliver even more cores for greater performance, expandability, and scalability. This platsize is extremely versatile accommodating a number of different chassis configurations with remarkable storage flexibility lớn tư vấn diverse workloads including, containers, cloud, virtualization, & big data applications. There are also options for expanded persistent memory & persistent storage capacity, significantly increasing performance for database & in-memory applications like SAPhường. HANA và Oracle.



Intel"s Xeon E5 processors are not supported on this platkhung. Instead, the HPE DL380 Gen10 is powered by Intel"s new C621 chipset supporting Intel"s new Scalable Family of processors including; the Platinum 8100 series, two flavors of Gold, the 6100 series and 5100 series, the Silver 4100 series, & the Bronze 3100 series processors. Depending on your need for cores, storage, or both, the new processors offer 4 lớn 28 cores. A higher core count provides greater processing power & more containers or VMs to lớn tư vấn different workloads in the same chassis. A flex slot power supply allows users to "right-size" the PSUs for specific hệ thống configurations, and given the number of configurations possible, this is a critical aspect khổng lồ reducing power consumption. The new generation of PSUs have also been upgraded supporting efficiencies of 94% & 96%, respectively. Cooling is provided by a ngân hàng of four fans for a single processor deployment, six fans for dual processors, và six high performance fans are recommended when the system is outfitted with a full complement of hard drives, in certain configurations.



To achieve sầu faster performance, each processor supports six memory channels with two memory modules per channel. 12 DDR4 memory modules are controlled by each processor, for a total of 24 total memory modules with a two-processor configuration. With only one CPU installed only half the DIMM slot are available. Memory speeds of up to 2666 MT/s are supported on HPE"s Gen10 servers, but keep in mind, memory tốc độ is a function of the processor Mã Sản Phẩm, memory type, và memory configuration. The system supports unbuffered (UDIMM), registered (RDIMM), load-reduced (LRDIMM) and NVMe (NVDIMM) modules, but mixing memory modules of different types is not supported. The system will tư vấn a maximum of 3TB using 24 x128GB LRDIMM memory modules, or half that using 64GB memory modules. Standard memory configurations include anywhere from 16GB khổng lồ 64GB for a base configuration, but all pre-configured models will tư vấn a maximum of 3TB using an optional memory configuration as described above sầu. HPE SmartMemory is tested and qualified by HPE khổng lồ deliver the highest cấp độ of performance và bandwidth.


The HPE DL380 Gen10 is highly adaptable & flexible, supporting up khổng lồ 190TB using 12 front mounted LFF drives along with an optional mid-plane HD carrier that supports 4 LFF drives internally and sits above sầu the CPUs & memory modules. A number of optional rear mounted drive cages support additional SFF và LFF hard drives. Several chassis configurations are available depending on your workload needs.

8 LFF drive sầu chassis with Universal Media Bay12 LFF drive sầu chassis + optional 4 LFF mid-plane or 3 LFF + 2 SFF rear mounted drives24 SFF drive chassis + optional 6 SFF rear-mounted drives8 SFF drive sầu chassis with Universal Media Bay, + 2 optional front mounted SFF or NVMe drivestrăng tròn SFF NVMe drive chassis with partial population of box1 on the front of the system

Certain configurations tư vấn an optional Universal Media Bay for an optical drive. Many of the configurations may require one of several different optional drive sầu cages which will take the place of an expansion riser, & include options for 6 SFF, 2 SFF, & 3 LFF drive sầu cage. The 8 NVMe drive sầu option is only available in the SFF chassis. The 8-cất cánh chassis can also be upgraded to lớn support 16 or 24 SFF drives. A 20 NVME drive sầu option requires an optional HPE Smart Storage Battery. All chassis have sầu an embedded S100i Smart Array Controller with software RAID support & SATA ports for 14 drives, two of which can tư vấn two optional M.2 storage devices in the primary riser that can be used for additional storage or for fast boot up. Administrators also have sầu a choice of several HP. Smart Array storage controllers specifically designed for the Gen10 platsize supporting a full range of RAID options. There is also an integrated MicroSD thẻ slot on the system board behind the power supplies. Administrators can also install an optional Dual Micro-SD module for failsafe hypervisor support.



There are a maximum of eight PCIe 3.0 expansion slots on the DL380 Gen10 server. For all eight expansion slots khổng lồ be active requires two optional risers, & the second riser requires a second CPU. The system also features embedded 4 x1GbE, and a choice of HPE FlexibleLOM and the ability khổng lồ choose network bandwidths from 1GbE lớn 40GbE or fabric with a suitable PCIe card. For high performance computing and complex animation, the system will also support up khổng lồ five sầu single-wide or three double-wide GPU options. Additional expansion cards can significantly increase I/O, graphics tư vấn, high performance computing, or additional storage both internal & external.


Management of the new Gen10 servers has been upgraded with the new integrated Lights Out 5.0 (iLO) management chip. iLO 5.0 offers out of bvà access to lớn your system & can enable remote access from a standard browser. iLO 5.0 delivers new capabilities & a simplified dashboard with a thumbnail of system status that continually refreshes. The management chip is essential to make the hệ thống operational and boot with simplified thiết lập, health monitoring, and power and thermal caps. iLO Standard is included, but for more robust management features, the chip is easily upgraded with the purchase of a license key. Depending on your management needs, Administrators can choose from, iLO Essentials, iLO Advanced, iLO Advanced Security Edition, and iLO Scale Out. HPE OneView can also be used khổng lồ provide essential management of multiple generations of HPE servers.

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The 2U, 2S HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 represents a significant tăng cấp from the previous generation. With Intel"s new Scalable Processor Family of processors, it can delivers an impressive 71% performance gain & a 27% increase in core count. New HPE DDR4 SmartMemory also boasts data transfer rates of 2666 MT/s which is 11% faster than comparable DDR4 memory operating at 2400 MT/s. Add that khổng lồ a significant increase in storage, plus persistent memory và storage options & It"s certainly no exaggeration when HPE says the world"s best-selling server just got better.