Máy in hp ink tank 415


ditinh.vn Ink Tank Wireless 415 All-in-One

Everything you need for wireless, high volume, high quality printing





Get convenient, no-waste, mess-miễn phí refill, with resealable bottles và ditinh.vn’s unique ink tank system.

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Print darker, crisper text4, và get borderless, fade-resistant photos & documents that last up khổng lồ 22 times longer.5


Enjoy ease of printing with USB connectivity. With WiFi Direct, you can also print from your Smartphone devices even without a network.

Best-in-class print quality: Best overall print quality compared to tested in-class competing OEM ink tank systems ≤$299.99 USD from Epson. Test results should be similar for different model numbers using the same OEM ink formula. December 8, 2017 report by Keypoint Intelligence − Buyers Lab using OEM inks, default mode & draft mode for printing và copying on plain paper with analysis of images mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa và visual chất lượng. See keypointintelligence.com/ditinh.vnsmarttank. When used in accordance with mix up instructions. Based on ditinh.vn.. internal optical density testing comparing with ditinh.vn. DeskJet 5800 series with ditinh.vnhường 51 & ditinh.vn. 52 inks. Easy Mobile printing and scanning: Requires the ditinh.vnhường Smart ứng dụng tải về. Features controlled may vary by Smartphone device operating system. Full menu of supported operating systems và details at http://support.ditinh.vn/us-en/document/c03561640. For details on local printing requirements see ditinh.vn/go/mobileprinting.

High Volume Printing for Less

Got projects và assignments that require a lot of printing? ditinh.vn Ink Tank printer lets you print out thousands of pages without hurting your pocket. Get up to lớn 8,000 pages (color) or 6,000 pages (black) at an extremely low cost-per-page.

No Mess. No Waste

Worried about making a mess when refilling and wasting away the ink? With ditinh.vn.. Ink Tank printer, you can conveniently restore ink levels with our spill-proof resealable bottle and ditinh.vn"s chất lượng tank system that makes ink management an easy task.

Outstanding Quality, Long-lasting Result

ditinh.vn Ink Tank printers guarantee you best in class unique with darker, crisper text in printed documents that last up khổng lồ 22 times longer, and borderless, fade-resistantcolorfulphotos that will remain vibrant even after decades.

Controlfrom Your Device

ditinh.vnhường Ink Tank printer comes with wireless giải pháp công nghệ that enables you to lớn print directly from your smartphone, scan documents on-the-go, & easily order new bottles ink refill. With the ditinh.vn Smart App, the power of printer is in the palm of your h&.

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Get up lớn 8,000 color or 6,000 blaông xã pages at an extremely low cost-per page.<1,2>

Print thousands of pages with high-capathành phố ink tank system.

Restore ink levels with resealable bottles and our spill-không lấy phí refill system.<7>

Easily refill your ink tank system with spill-không tính tiền, resealable bottles.<7>

Print darker, crisper text,<4> and get borderless, fade-resistant photos và documents that last up to 22 times longer.<5>

Count on darker, crisper text, time after time.<4>

A4 Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer, Perfect for HomePrint, Copy và ScanPrint tốc độ up to lớn 8 ppm (black) & 5 ppm (color)Wi-Fi
Ink tank system Transparent ink tanks allow you to monitor ink levels and easily refill your ink tank with spill-không lấy phí, resealable bottles. Wi-Fi direct printing Wi-Fi Direct allows your Wi-Fi devices to lớn make a wireless network connection directly to lớn your printer without using a wireless router or access point.
Wireless (WiFi) Wi-Fi connection allow users khổng lồ access internet services using a wireless adapter to create hotspots.
ditinh.vnhường Ink Tank Wireless 415 ditinh.vn GT51 Blaông chồng Ink Bottle (90CC), ditinh.vnhường GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (70CC), ditinh.vnhường. GT52 Magenta Ink Bottle (70CC), ditinh.vn.. GT52 Yellow Ink Bottle (70CC), Blaông chồng 5000 pages, màu sắc 8000 pages Software CD Setup Poster Power Cord USB Cable.
ditinh.vnhường GT52 Cyan Original Ink Bottle, ditinh.vnhường GT52 Magenta Original Ink Bottle, ditinh.vnhường GT52 Yellow Original Ink Bottle, ditinh.vnhường GT51 Blachồng Original Ink Bottle

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