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a game by Atlus
Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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There really is no doubt that Japanese Role-Playing games or JRPG for short, are some of the coolest titles in the industry. Not only bởi they have some of the best music and art, but the stories are usually so well developed they put movies, shows & even books khổng lồ shame, sometimes that is, of course. Nowadays we don"t see that many around but here we"ll talk about one that keeps coming over & over again. Shin Megami Tensei Persomãng cầu 4 is one of those games that truly make history. In fact, it is so great that it even emancipated from the Shin Megangươi Tensei title later on, và ended up being pretty much called just Persomãng cầu 4. So, let"s talk about it right now.

About the game

In this title, we play as a young guy who transferred for a year to study in the rural town of Inabố. He"s going khổng lồ be living with his uncle Ryotaru Dojima, who"s a detective sầu, and his little girl cousin Nanako. Coming from the big city he immediately caught the attention of his classmates, và it doesn"t take long before he starts making friends.


Of course, life in this small riverside town could sound a little boring at first, but things aren"t really as simple. Right after he arrives in town, a disturbing crime occurs, & a dead toàn thân appears hanging on the electric cables, in the plain light of day. And not only this, but a strange rumor also appears, and everybody starts talking about The Midnight Channel.

The Midnight Channel supposedly appears when you stare inkhổng lồ a turned-off TV when it"s raining at midnight, and if you vày this, your soulmate will appear. Of course, this rumor is incredibly popular all around town, especially in high school. But it seems that it"s much more than just a rumor, as the people who appear there start khổng lồ disappear. These people were getting sucked into the TV, literally. And so are you, but could this teenager & his group of friends solve the mystery about this crazy TV world & the series of disappearances? Well, that"s up lớn you in Persona 4.

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An immortal game

This game got incredibly popular all over the world, it quickly rose to be one of the most popular JRPG games on the PS2. The game saw a resurgence in its popularity when they launched an anime series & the upgraded version Persona 4 Golden for the PSVita & second anime adaptation. Of course, you can’t really compare the original Persona 4 khổng lồ Persomãng cầu 4 Golden, since they literally improved every aspect of the game when porting it lớn the PSVita.

They even released two fighting games based on Persomãng cầu 4, Persomãng cầu 4 Arena, và Persomãng cầu 4 Ultimax. And even after that, there"s a rhythm game much lượt thích Hatsune Miku"s games called Persomãng cầu 4 Dancing All Night. Which started a series of rhythm games based on the Persona franchise, with one for Persona 3 & another one for Persona 5.



Graphics và visuals: The visuals are great, with animated cutscenes, perfect character design, và worldbuilding, và it is graphically solid.

Gameplay: The gameplay is excellent, it could easily take you 80+ hours to finish the in-game year. The turn-based fight mechanics are solid, the dungeon exploration is great, & it allows you lớn come up with different strategies when choosing your tiệc nhỏ. Fuse and create different personas and get equipment for your entire team. But probably the best part of the gameplay is the slice of life part, where you can build social links và develop relationships with your friends. Some of which have sầu the opportunity to lớn turn into romantic interests. Building relationships will also help you in battle so everyone wins here.

Soundtrack: Like in most other Persomãng cầu games, it is pretty much a perfect soundtrachồng. These are themes that you’ll hear for many hours, and they are not repetitive nor boring at all. You can actually listen to that soundtraông xã as your very own soundtraông chồng in real life! Excellent, it’s just a masterpiece.

Persomãng cầu 4 is a timeless legover in the JRPG game world. Probably one of the best ever made actually. After all, it has everything you could ask for, a mystery, crime-solving, friendship, social relationships, fun moments, action, sad scenes, tragedy, and even mythology.

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