Phim vì sao đưa anh tới

An alien who came khổng lồ Earth 400 years ago is almost able khổng lồ return khổng lồ his own planet, but when he meets a famous actress, he doesn't want to go trang chính.

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Having put up with the much lower intelligence of humans for 400 years, Min-Joon is preparing to lớn return to his planet when he meets actress Song-Yi.


A distraught and drunken Song-Yi barges into lớn Min-Joon's apartment và ends up falling asleep, and it's revealed that the two have sầu a past connection.


Min-Joon has a premonition about Song-Yi, and when he accompanies her khổng lồ the hospital for an appendix operation, he tries khổng lồ subtly warn her.


Min-Joon watches over Song-Yi while she attends a tiệc nhỏ cruise. Meanwhile, we learn more about Min-Joon's connection with a girl he met long ago.

Reporters are camped out in front of Song-Yi's apartment thinking she killed Yura, so she hides out at Min-Joon's and they get better acquainted.

An intense rivalry has developed between Min-Joon & Hwi-Kyung, both of whom are feeling possessive of Song-Yi. Hwi-Kyung professes his love sầu for her.

Song-Yi tells Hwi-Kyung she doesn't return his feelings. Min-Joon gets more attached khổng lồ Song-Yi despite himself, & she asks hyên ổn khổng lồ be her manager.

Min-Joon saves Song-Yi from yet another accident, but he denies being there when she claims she saw him. Jae-Kyung renews his efforts to lớn kill Song-Yi.

After Min-Joon and Song-Yi kiss, his temperature spikes dangerously high và she tends to him. Jae-Kyung's minions suspect Min-Joon has the USB drive.

Hwi-Kyung and Song-Yi both confront Min-Joon about being Song-Yi's rescuer. Song-Yi's finances are falling apart. Jae-Kyung tries khổng lồ frame Min-Joon.

Min-Joon reveals his true self to lớn Jae-Kyung before knocking hlặng out. Song-Yi's brother notices her crush on Min-Joon, who keeps coldly rebuffing her.

Song-Yi finds Min-Joon in his apartment bleeding from a serious head wound. Lawyer Jang arrives và warns Song-Yi not to get attached to Min-Joon.

Song-yi finally learns Min-joon's secret. He also reveals that he'd wondered if Song-yi is the reincarnation of Yi-hwa, a girl he met 400 years ago.

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Song-yi is in the emergency room after an "accident" engineered by Jae-kyung. Min-joon plans to take the blame for all of Jae-kyung's evil deeds.

Min-joon confronts Jae-kyung about all the lives he's been destroying. Song-yi tells Min-joon lớn stay away from her, but he does quite the opposite.

Min-joon collapses after kissing Song-yi. Hwi-kyung awakes & pretends he knows nothing of Jae-kyung's schemes. Min-joon tells Song-yi he must leave.

Song-yi questions Min-joon's need to lớn return khổng lồ his planet. Min-joon, lượt thích Song-yi, is distraught at the prospect. Min-joon's powers keep glitching.

Min-joon says he won't leave sầu after all, but Song-yi doesn't know the real reason. Hwi-kyung finally confronts his Jae-kyung, rejecting hyên ổn as family.

Song-yi finds out about Min-joon's likely death if he stays on Earth. Both Hwi-kyung và Min-joon attempt khổng lồ force Jae-kyung to turn himself in.

Song-yi insists that Min-joon should return khổng lồ his planet. Min-joon has dinner with Song-yi's family, và her mom learns he's an alien.

Min-joon professes his love sầu for Song-yi và then vanishes. Over time, Song-yi và others think they catch a glimpse of hlặng, but are they imagining it?

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