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There are no comments. There is no bình luận.

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Which would you use for a web application, i.e. what to lớn display when a blog post or an article has no bình luận attached?

Actually, I am trying lớn fix an application that says: "There is no comments"! Would that ever be right?

More generally speaking, it feels wrong to have a plural after the negative sầu no/none or with the preposition without (see my previous question "Without reason" or "Without reasons"?). Those words imply zero, i.e. less than one, while plural is two or more. Yet, I know that phrases like "There are no comments" or "He is without friends" are comtháng. It seems illogical khổng lồ me.

Are the majority of people making a grammar mistake when using such expressions, or else can you explain why this is correct?

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"No comments" is correct, and this construction is common in For example, we get singular agreement for number for the value of 1, & plural agreement for anything else.

5 pizzas1.5 pizzas1 pizza0.5 pizzas0 pizzas

This extends to lớn "no" as well.

Using "no" combined with a singular is possible, but implies that there would only be either one of that thing, or nothing. This is much more rare (though it comes up from time to lớn time). You might read in the newspaper, "When asked about the situation, the press secretary had no phản hồi." Here it is singular because you either have sầu a bình luận about a matter, or you don"t. If you say a lot of things, it is still considered one comment (at least in the journalistic sense of the word).

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Generally, you would say :

There are no comments.

But if you are talking about something that you would only expect one of, you would say is no. For example, if you were complaining lớn your paper delivery service, you would say:

There is no newspaper in my driveway today.

An extreme example of this is:

There was no moon that night.

Nobody says "there were no moons that night" … you would have khổng lồ be on another planet for this khổng lồ make sense.

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There is one comment.There are two comments.There is half a bình luận.There are 0.5 comments.There are no comments.If you think of comment in the case there is no comment as being short for commentary then you will find it easier to understand how it works & what it means.

"There is no comments" is not correct in any situation where comments is the plural of comment. There is no news, however, is correct because there is no singular version of news.

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Which would you use for a website application, i.e. what lớn display when a blog post or an article has no phản hồi attached?

I would use there are no comments. As far as I can see, in such cases the plural khung is preferred.

There are no menu link yet.There are currently no styles.There are currently no effects in this style.There are no fields yet added.

The only cases where it"s used the singular noun is in sentences like:

There is currently no nội dung classified with this term.There is not enough memory available to PHP to lớn change this theme"s color scheme.There is no new syndicated content from the site.


Actually, I am trying to lớn fix an application that says: "There is no comments" ! Would that ever be right??

There is no comments is not correct. There must be an agreement between the verb & the subject / object. In the same way you don"t say there are no cow, you don"t say there is no comments.

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