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Developer: Relic EntertainmentRelease date: 2011Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Real-time strategyVersion:

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution is the stand-alone second expansion to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, part of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series of real-time strategy đoạn Clip games. Set in Games Workshop"s Warhammer 40,000 fictional universe, the single player chiến dịch is playable with multiple races.quý khách đã xem: Dawn of war

Imperial Guard is introduced as a new faction, and all races including the races from the original game & the first expansion (the Eldar, the Space Marines, Chaos, the Orks & the Tyranids) are playable in single-player.

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Dawn of War II: Retribution offers a campaign for every race, including the Imperial Guard. The campaign takes place across Sub-sector Aurelia, which appeared in the previous two games. The worlds include the jungle world Typhon Primaris, the desert world Calderis, and the hive sầu world Meridian from Dawn of War II; the arctic world Aurelia và the derelict ship Judgment of Carrion from Chaos Rising; và the dead world of Cyrene, mentioned in the original Dawn of War as having been subjected lớn Exterminatus (complete sterilization of all life on a planet corrupted by Chaos or alien influences) by Blood Ravens Captain Gabriel Angelos.



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Dawn of War II: Retribution takes place ten years after events of Chaos Rising. Sub-sector Aurelia is now suffering from conflict between Ork pirates called the Freebootaz led by Kaptin Bluddflagg to lớn pillage the sub-sector, the arrival of the Eldar of the Craftworld Alaitoc led by Autarch Kayleth to lớn seek about a prophecy and recovering an ancient artifact, a Tyranid Hive Lord restoring the remnants of the Hive sầu Fleet Leviathan and lớn the links of the Hive Mind, the Blood Ravens defending the sub-sector led by Captain Apollo Diomedes to lớn hunt down Chaos as well as investigating their Chapter Master, Azariah Kyras, for being corrupted by Chaos, the return of Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion led by Eliphas the Inheritor khổng lồ fulfill his promise to lớn Abaddon the Despoiler to annihilate the Blood Ravens, và the newly arriving Imperial Guard of the 8th Cadian Regiment led by Lord General Castor, performing an Exterminatus under Inquisitor Adrastia lớn investigate for corruption within Sub-sector Aurelia as well as the Blood Ravens" Chapter Master Azariah Kyras. These events may have been caused by Gabriel Angelos" actions (from the original Dawn of War game) when he destroyed the Maledictum, a Chaos stone containing the bound essence of a daemon of Khorne, with the hammer "God-Splitter".


The Imperial Lord General will be added lớn the current selection of The Last Stvà heroes as well as new environment & new waves of enemies. It can also update all the previous heroes from Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising by importing the Games for Windows account khổng lồ the Steam Account.

Multiplayer will introduce base building to lớn a small degree, as well as every race getting a Global Ability Advance Unit. Retribution is a stand-alone title và does not require ownership of earlier games in the series khổng lồ use any of the factions in multiplayer.

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The player"s character arrives on Typhon Primaris engaging & battling an opposing faction and defeating their leader. (Space Marines vs. Chaos, Eldar vs. Orks, & Imperial Guard vs. Tyranids). It is learned that the Imperial Inquisition has deemed the sector beyond redemption, and will be arriving soon khổng lồ perform Exterminatus on all the inhabitable worlds in the area. Later, the faction leader is given the objective lớn eliminate Azariah Kyras who intends to use the impending Exterminatus as a sacrifice to Khorne and ascend to lớn daemonhood. The motivation varies depending on the player"s faction, for example the Space Marines, Imperial Guard & Eldar wish to lớn oppose Chaos, their ancient evil enemy; the warlike Orks simply want a good fight & to lớn thump the strongest foes they can find; the Tyranid splinter wishes khổng lồ overrun the sector & sumtháng a new hive fleet khổng lồ consume all the biomass; the Chaos faction are Kyras" rivals & wish to surpass hlặng. Regardless, it is deemed by the player faction that Kyras must die. The player quickly attempts lớn secure a means of transport off Typhon, escaping a local cult along the way.

Arriving on Calderis, the player character fights against Kyras" Chaos-corrupted Blood Ravens Space Marines, operating under orders to purge the planet. After destroying a Warp portal on Aurelia, the faction learns of an attaông xã on Meridian ordered by Kyras và arrives there killing the traitor guardsmen và uncovering a transmission from Kyras revealing his location on Typhon.

The player character returns lớn Typhon Primaris lớn confront Kyras himself, only lớn be ambushed by Eldar from Craftworld Biel-Tan. Wary of a ritual they are undergoing, the player"s character kills the Eldar there. Following this, Kyras reveals that the Eldar ritual was preventing the Imperial Inquisition fleet from arriving at the sub-sector. The Inquisition fleet arrives, beginning Exterminatus on Typhon Primaris. The player escapes Typhon before the Exterminatus finishes. A cyclonic torpevì reduces Typhon to ash.

Finding themselves on the space hulk (a huge conglomeration of drifting space-borne detritus consisting of many wrecked ships) known as the Judgment of Carrion, the player"s characters recover, và find their determination to stop Kyras. It is deduced that he is hiding on Cyrene, as the planet has already undergone Exterminatus decades ago, & therefore the Inquisition will not travel there to lớn perform Exterminatus again. On Cyrene, the player characters launch an attachồng against a joint alliance of Chaos Space Marines, corrupt Imperial Guardsmen & traitor Blood Ravens by using their most powerful unit against them. Kyras begins to lớn asckết thúc inkhổng lồ daemonhood. Gabriel & his 3rd Company launch an attaông chồng on Kyras" forces while Gabriel"s own commvà unit confronts the daetháng prince himself; however they are defeated by Kyras. The player"s faction then launches their own attachồng, ultimately successfully killing Kyras.

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