Windows stop some devices automatically when it detects issues in any hardware & gives user code 43 error. Basically, this error means is that your device or device driver cannot communicate with Windows properly and that’s why it has disabled that device. In Device Manager, you can see a red cross or exclamation mark against that device.

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This error can happen in many devices such as USB devices, Bluetooth không dây devices, hard disks, & graphics cards. Don’t worry we have sầu found these methods by which you can solve this error & use your hardware again on your PC.

Method 1 – Try connecting the USB Device to another USB port

Just take the USB device out from the port via which it is connected to your computer and plug the USB device to another port on your computer. Most of the times the error get fixed.

Method 2 – Reinstall Drivers

Your device drivers may be corrupted or faulty & that is the reason behind Code 43 error in Device Manager. It can be easily solved by reinstalling drivers as shown in the steps below.

STEP. 1 – Open Run box by pressing Windows & R at the same time, type devmgmt.msc in the text box & hit Enter.


STEPhường. 2 – In the Device Manager window, locate your disabled device & select Uninstall device from the right-cliông xã thực đơn.


STEP.. 3 – Click on Uninstall khổng lồ confirm.


STEPhường 4 -n the d Once the uninstall process gets completed, click on scan for hardware changes button(computer and magnifying glass icon) on the main menu.


It will scan for hardware và reinstall the driver for your device.

Method 3 – Manually Update Drivers

If the reinstallation of drivers did not work then the cause of the error is outdated device drivers. You must have sầu lớn update your device drivers to remove this error from the device manager.

To update the device drivers, you have sầu to visit the device manufacturer website và select your device model & your operating system type(32 bit or 64 bit). It is crucial that you choose the right drivers for your computer because improper drivers may cause more issues on your computer. After downloading the driver update open it và follow the on-screen instruction to lớn successfully update your drivers. This solves the error code 43: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.

Method 4 – Restart your PC

Sometimes if there is a temporary connection issue that is causing this problem for you, a system reboot should get rid of this issue on your computer. Cheông chồng if this helps.

Method 5 – Hard reset the system

If this problem is occurring for an external device, hard resetting your computer can solve this type of problem.

Shutdown process-

1. At first, you need to shut down your computer completely.

2. Unplug the power cable from your system.

3. After that, unplug all the external peripherals (lượt thích công nghệ Bluetooth không dây dongle, Webcam, printer) from your system.

4. Once you have sầu unplugged all the external devices, press & hold the power button khổng lồ power-start the system.

This process is known as hard resetting.

Wait for a minute after this.

Startup procedure-

5. After waiting for a minute, plug in your system to lớn the connection.

6. Now, plug in the problematic device lớn another USB port.

7. Finally, it is time to switch ON your computer.

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Once your computer boots up normally, check if you are still facing the error code 43.

Method 6 – Remove sầu unnecessary USB devices

You have sầu to lớn remove unnecessary USB devices from your computer.

1. Unplug other USB devices except the problematic one.

2. Once you have sầu done that, restart your computer.

Chechồng if this helps you khổng lồ solve sầu the problem.

Method 7 – Adjust the nguồn Management

If you are a laptop user, then this problem might be caused by the Power nguồn Management plan that is switching the port off khổng lồ save power.

STEP.. – 1 Adjust the power settings

1. Press the Windows key+X keys together.

2. Then, clichồng on the “Device Manager“.


3. When the Device Manager window opens up, expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers“.

4. Right-cliông xã on the first USB device & click on “Properties“.


5. After that, go lớn the “nguồn Management” tab.

6. Then, uncheck the option “Allow the computer to lớn turn off this device lớn save power“.


7. Cliông xã on the “Apply” & on “OK“.


8. Repeat the same steps for other USB devices listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.


Cchiến bại the Device Manager screen.

STEP. – 2 DISABLE selective sầu suspover settings

1. To launch a Run window, press Windows key+R together.

2. In the Run window, exeđáng yêu this code by pasting it in the Run window và then clicking on “OK“.

control.exe pháo powercfg.cpl,,3


3. Once the nguồn Options window opens, look for the “USB settings“.

4. Then, expvà the “USB selective suspkết thúc setting“.


7. Clichồng on the drop-down beside ‘Setting:’ & then select the “Disabled” settings from the drop-down.

<NOTE– If you are enacting this on a máy tính xách tay device, you will notice two options, ‘On battery‘ and ‘Plugged in‘ settings.

You can easily “disable” both these options. >


8. Once you have sầu done all these, clichồng on “Apply” and “OK“.

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