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Wise Care 365 PRO is inviting you to join in our "Win Fans" chiến dịch. As long as you own a website/blog/diễn đàn, or Facebook/Twitter page/YouTube channel, you are welcome to lớn participate!What will you get from ditinh.vn?You can get any Wise Care 365 PRO without any charge. Not one copy, but dozens of copies, even unlimited copies.What will you benefit from the campaign?You can use our software to lớn launch giveaway/conthử nghiệm which is proved lớn be an effective sầu way lớn gain popularity & fans.How to lớn join in the campaign? (Cliông chồng lớn learn the rule và the procedure). Website, Blog, ForumFacebook, Twitter, YouTubeTranslate/reviews our software

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Wise Care 365An all-in-one PC tune-up utility!

For Website, Blog and Forum

Want to get gifts to lớn reward your readers, attract more subscribers or celebrate holidays? Whatever your purpose is, we will be glad lớn provide you with 5-50 one year license keys of Wise Care 365 PRO as gifts. Feel miễn phí to E-Mail us now. Please include the following information:1. The URL of your website/blog/forums. Please briefly introduce how to make use of our software if it is possible.2. The number of copies you need. You can get 5-50 copies according lớn the daily visits of your site.

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For Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Looking for effective sầu way lớn celebrate holiday to win more fans/subscribers? Why not give away some interesting stuff khổng lồ them? Thư điện tử us for gifts. The more fans or subscribers you have sầu, the more you can request!1. Please danh mục the links of your Facebook/Twitter page/YouTube channel.2. Please let your fans follow us on our facebook and twitter page.

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For Reviewer or Translator of our software

Having used Wise Care 365 for months, lượt thích it and want to lớn write something about it or translate it into your mother tongue. E-Mail us, you will get a miễn phí license key of Wise Care 365 PRO.• Leave a positive đánh giá of ditinh.vn at both Trustpilot và sitejabber, and email us with your login screenshot, then you will get a 3-months license key of Wise Care 365 for miễn phí. • Write a đánh giá of ditinh.vn at least 150 words & publish it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social truyền thông media platforms. And, email us with your login screenshot, then you will get a free 12-months license key.• If Wise Care 365 has not been translated inlớn your mother tongue, please refer this page to translate it. E-Mail us with the ini file, you will get a miễn phí one year license key.

"Wise Fans" FAQ

Q: Would you help promote our giveaway?A: Yes. If you do a high chất lượng nhận xét for our products, we"d be willing to tóm tắt your giveaway news on our trang web, Twitter, Facebook, or liên kết bachồng your trang web on this page.Q: Can I Review your software first before announcing the giveaway?A: Yes, we can provide you a review copy for kiểm tra.Q: Are your software safe and clean?A: Yes, all Wise products are 100% safe & clean without adware, spyware and malware. Please feel miễn phí lớn introduce them khổng lồ your subscribers.
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